The Diamond Ruse: a photo shoot

  • You have a photo shoot in the rainforest with a pro photographer
  • While you’re out, we set up the entire Lodge
  • Candles, meal, champagne, flowers, everything you could want
  • You both look great for the big moment
  • Photographer can also record the proposal and/or the ring
  • We co-ordinate all this with you in advance

How it works

  • In the morning, sleep in, go for a rainforest walk, have a late breakfast.
  • In the afternoon, get dressed up for a professional photo shoot in the rainforest starting around 4.30pm.
  • About an hour later, return to your Lodge …

What you will find when you return

Romantic set-up inside your Lodge

  • Around 170 candles all set out and alight, including pillar candles of various sizes and wall mounted candles.
  • Full white-tablecloth dinner setting.
  • Romantic music playing.
  • A dozen extra-long-stemmed big Columbian red roses.
  • Rose petal trail to a rose petal heart on the bed.
  • A bottle of chilled Moët champagne.
  • Two Bohemia crystal special-edition Crystal Creek champagne flutes – yours to keep.
  • Beautiful handmade scented soy candle – yours to keep.
  • Belgian chocolates.

Romantic set-up on the deck and the pool

  • Tall pillar candles around the pool.
  • Daybed set-up – Colourful throw rug and cushions.
  • Table set with a small cheese platter.

What happens next?

  • You both will be all dressed up, looking glamorous for a proposal.
  • Your partner will be surprised to find the bungalow glowing to the amber light of all the candles, reflecting back into the lodge, off the windows.
  • Being twilight (the magical time) the rainforest outside will still be visible in a gorgeous emerald green; it will be stunning and very moving.
  • You walk to the table where you present your partner with the roses.
  • Offer your proposal. (Or, if not proposing, your declaration of love and commitment.)
  • Pop the champagne and let the night unfold.
  • There is food to graze on, French champagne to drink, inside or on the deck.
  • Run the spa, have a swim, gaze at the stars and generally enjoy each other’s company with no distractions.
  • Savour the magic of Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat.

Photography that celebrates your proposal

The photo shoot beforehand will capture the moments before you become engaged. If you would also like to have a photograph that also celebrates the ring on your finger there are two ways to do this:

  1. You return to your lodge and after she or he says yes, you advise your partner that that photographer is waiting outside to photograph a re-enactment of your proposal.
  2. The photographer can precede your arrival and be standing inside your lodge, to photograph your entry and proposal.



The Diamond Ruse (set up during the photo shoot) $480

Why Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat?

  • We simply are somewhere very special, which will help to make your ‘occasion’ very special and all the more memorable.
  • The rainforest is inherently romantic and we have genuine old-growth rainforest with 400-year-old trees.
  • Each Luxury Lodge has at least 150 square metres of space designed specially for one couple only, plus the surrounding garden, separate and individual – so your privacy is assured. You will hardly see another person if you do not want to!
  • Professional experienced staff are on hand.
  • You can have a real wood fire for the whole 12 months of the year.