The starry night sky comes down to meet you in the rainforest

Glow worms occur naturally at Crystal Creek all year round, near the creek at a special site which is marked on our maps. These tiny creatures are the larvae of the insect Arachnocampa flava, or the fungus gnat. They vary in size from a few millimetres up to 3 centimetres. Invisible to the eye during daylight, they create an entrancing display at night.

To see the worms, wait until well after nightfall, because it has to be pitch black (and it certainly is out here). As you approach the glow worm site, turn your torches off some distance before, as the worms are light-sensitive and will ‘switch off’. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, they will appear like stars in the night sky. On a good night they are all along the creek. (The picture above is a time-exposure of many seconds which has turned the night sky into day.)

One romantic Romeo chose to propose by the light of the glow worms light to the delight of his surprised partner; of course, she said yes.