Superb in-room dining delivered to your bungalow, to eat at your leisure in your private romantic getaway

The gourmet meals at our romantic retreat are created to allow you the luxury of a dining experience that is also completely at your convenience.

These superb Delicious Dinners are locally prepared with premium fresh local and Australian produce in a delicious hearty home style of cooking. They are accompanied by fresh salads, fresh bread and dessert cake of the day.

Just one or two portions of each meal, served in glass terrines, need to be popped into the microwave for three minutes and these are ready to eat whenever you like.

  • As we are in a remote location and like to buy our produce fresh, 48 hours’ notice is requested for all meals. This allows us to provide you with an extensive menu with the freshest, tastiest ingredients possible.
  • Each meal is ample for one couple and cannot be mix-and-matched.
  • Alcoholic beverages are BYO.
  • We are able to cater for some dietary requirements, as much as our remote location allows. Please contact us for more information.

Upgrade the Delicious Dinners in your accommodation package to Gourmet Hampers

All the dinners included in our standard Accommodation Packages and Honeymoon and Romantic Packages are Delicious Dinners, with upgrades available to Gourmet Hampers.

Red Curry with Roast Haloumi and Cashews (vegetarian)

  • A mild Thai-style curry full of vegetables and lots of flavour. Pan-roasted haloumi and cashews in a red curry and coconut base with a variety of seasonal vegetables which may include eggplant, onion, cabbage, capsicum, carrot, sweet potato, beans, peas, zucchini, ginger, garlic, corn flour, salt, pepper and a little chilli.
  • Served with fresh Hokkien noodles, extra chilli and yogurt on the side.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

Mediterranean Roast Vegetable Stew with Butter Beans (vegetarian)

  • An assortment of individually roasted vegetables which, depending on the season, might include onion, pumpkin, carrot, eggplant, capsicum, sweet potato, butter beans, sweet corn in a base of shallots, garlic, basil, parsley and tomatoes with herbs and spices.
  • Served with cous cous, peas & broccoli, topped with roast capsicum, with chilli and sour cream on the side.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff

  • Tender chicken breast, caramelised leeks with pure cream and sautéed mushrooms in a butter, olive, white wine, parsley, shallots and garlic sauce.
  • Rice, fresh broccoli and peas with garlic butter.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

Italian Chicken Calabrese

  • A super-tasty Italian classic. Chicken thighs on the bone cooked in brown onion with red capsicum, sliced black olives, garlic, white wine, crushed tomatoes and herbs/spices.
  • Served with steamed potatoes and peas and chilli on the side.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

Traditional English Beef Stew

  • A hearty meal for the meat eater. A rich brown stew of prime steak, pan roasted with onions and then slow cooked with celery, carrots, a little red wine, a touch of chilli and Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, oregano and paprika.
  • Served with new potatoes and peas, homemade tomato relish, sour cream and chilli on the side.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

Massaman Beef Curry

  • Prime diced beef, sweet potato & onions slow cooked in homemade Massaman curry paste and coconut milk.
  • Served with Jasmine rice, raita salad, plus chilli & chutney on the side.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

French Beef Bourguignon

  • A rich traditional French beef stew slow-cooked with brown onion, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, whole small onions, garlic, red wine, tomato paste and herbs/spices.
  • Served with steamed potatoes, garlic butter and peas, with chilli on the side.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

Slow-cooked Spanish Lamb

  • Who doesn’t love slow-cooked lamb? This lamb is cooked with brown onion, red capsicum, carrot, zucchini, cannellini beans, semi dried tomato, garlic, balsamic vinegar, red wine, stock, tomatoes, tomato paste and herbs/spices.
  • Served with cous cous, peas and broccoli with chilli on the side.
  • Dinner roll.
  • Dessert of the day.

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