This beautiful spot will keep on drawing you back

Part of our property was once a plantation, and a short distance from Booyong and Kamala, our Rainforest Canopy Bungalows, is the orchard. This calm, picturesque spot is an ideal place to bask in the morning sun with a Picnic Pack. Enjoy views to the mountain ridge above, and feel free to try our organic fruit when it’s in season.

The orchard is a stunning place to watch the night settle and the moon rise with a bottle of champagne and some candles
Explore the orchard with your loved one and a Picnic Pack, a hearty meal collected from reception

In the evening it’s a wonderful experience to sit quietly in the orchard and watch the night descend. Then you can snuggle together and contemplate the moonlit rainforest surrounding you with candles, a platter and a bottle to share – and looks especially amazing during a full moon.