ccrr had been on our radar for many many years. i can very happily say it lived up to all expectations and surpassed them.

this is the place you come to when you want to get away from it all and enjoy some privacy. if your batteries needs recharging, this is the place to be. if you need a digital detox, you’ve come to the right place. if it’s romance you’re after, look no further.

an easy thirty minute drive inland from murwillumbah delivers you to this pristine little slice of paradise, surrounded by national park. from memory there’s only twelve cabins/lodges dotted around the landscape, nestled among the trees. all are completely private and all connect you in some unique way to the beauty of the rainforest.

we stayed in a mountain view lodge which had a front row view of springbrook mountain. we simply could not believe our eyes when we opened the door. floor to ceiling windows completely down one side of the lodge with the most stunning view. we were there in winter but the lodge was comfortably warm courtesy of the central heating. there’s also a combustion fireplace that does the job beautifully at night.

we opted for breakfast and dinner daily and were very glad we did. our three dinners were delicious and very generous in their portions. i don’t mind cooking, but it was nice to have these dinners delivered in the afternoon, ready for re-heating. they’ve obviously got this down to a fine art because the meats in our various dishes was tender and beautifully cooked. breakfast too was abundant and with a wide selection to cover all tastes. it should be said that these aren’t room service-style options. these need to be ordered at least 48hrs in advance of your arrival.

the bed was super comfortable, allowing for a great night’s sleep. and of course it’s quiet. in fact it’s quiet all the time.

mark, katherine and janelle are so personable and welcoming. their demeanours seem to fit seamlessly with the environment around them – chilled and relaxed. and in this day and age where we all seem to be go go go, it’s both a delightful and i would say essential state of mind for you to indulge.

5 stars on TripAdvisor
Capt_Funkelicious(Springbrook Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)Sydney, NSW