We had a long weekend at CCRR and loved it, the submerged bath with the rainforest view was superb, provided bath salts as well is something many places miss but they didn’t. The use of the small candles around made it cosy and the way the dinners are available to you to heat yourself is genius! We like having wines and eating later which this arrangement allowed us to warm our dinner whenever we wanted, without leaving the bungalow or having to deal with a restaurant. The dinners were great, loved all of them. We also had the picnic which was so well put together and a good choice of healthy options.

We did the long walk to the lookout which was knackered get on the way up (take water!) but the view was good and the exercise got the heart beating.

The team at CCRR are great, helpful, and lovely to deal with.

Would highly recommend. Wish our stay was longer :)

Tip – take a good stock of your own wine and stay in and relax!

5 stars on TripAdvisor
Stewart ABrisbane, QLD