Our trip to Crystal Creek was beautiful but, unfortunately, ridden with obstacles that day. We had made it through 4 extremely flooded roads, only to be caught at the bottom of Booka Rd, unable to get past a raging, overflowing bridge. We were stuck at the bottom of this road for about 2 hours, and started to feel disheartened as the skies were getting darker, thinking that we may not make it and will miss a day of our booking, but the management team regularly checked up on us via phone calls and assured us that we will be okay and that no matter what, they will get us safely to the retreat as soon as they could. And that they did.

Mark from CCRR came down in a 4WD and rescued us and another couple. My partner & I were already so grateful being rescued, we didn’t expect, but also received an upgrade, which was very sweet, but it wasn’t the upgrade that exceeded our expectations, it was the hospitality and service. You can really tell that the staff (Mark, in particular) were genuinely caring and wanted to make our stay as comfortable as possible, and not once did we feel like we could’ve been a bother. This was one of the best service we have encountered.

Everything exceeded our expectations. The set up is amazing; from every single room and amenities in the bungalows, to the recreation room filled with many intimate couple-ly things to do and borrow, to the well marked out walking tracks that led to amazing waterfalls and glowworms. So much thought has been put into this entire place. We felt that not a single detail was missed.

We will definitely be back again one day! :)

5 stars on TripAdvisor
Twee NBrisbane