My wife and I stayed 2 nights in the Booyong Rain Forest Canopy Bungalow and were extremely impressed. … Booyong offers a car space right in front of the villa with was handy to unpack all our gear. Booyong is a split level with full kitchen, balcony, lounge room, upstairs bedroom and bathroom. The view from Booyong overlooks a rainforest and is amazing. On arrival Booyong had the heater already basting away which was nice as being April it was starting to be cold. The fireplace was set up ready to throw a match in and have a roaring fire. The Bungalow had an awesome feel about it, it was so relaxing. The windows are enormous and offer views from any point in the villa. … We opted to have dinner supplied the first night and breakfast on both mornings … These were delicious and supplied ready to throw on the BBQ or the stove top. Quick and easy to cook. … On the second night we had bought our own steak and salad which worked out cheaper. … Both nights we made our way to the Glow Worms which is about a 5 min walk from reception. The Glow worms were spectacular, the best I have seen on the Gold Coast.

I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone after a romantic weekend away, or just to get away from life for a day or two. Free wifi is supplied in the rooms.

5 stars on TripAdvisor
benbencor(Booyong, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)[Full review on TripAdvisor]