There is so much right about Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat and after trying really hard to scrutinise it I can only find one minor issue. I’ll start with the one teeny issue and then recall the many truly great things that make this the best romantic holiday in Australia. The only negative about the retreat is that there are leeches in the rainforest, this is common in all rainforests around Australia so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But, I hate them so much that their existence in such a tranquil place makes me sad.

However, the near perfection of the luxury lodges is not in any way tarnished by the tiny blood suckers. Every lodge is perfectly appointed and privately positioned through the ancient northern NSW rainforest. Every need has been thought about and every comfort has been provided in the base rate for every lodge. Just the feeling of waking up amongst Millenia old harder trees and chirping birds blows my mind every time. The food that gets prepared and delivered every day is amazing home-cooked style delicacies that relax and satisfy. The views from each lodge are breathtaking yet unique and provide a sedating setting for all. The level of luxury in each lodge is akin of any 6 star resort or lodge and offers amazing value for money when compared to other similarly equipped stays. They set out tea light candles throughout the lodge before your stay, a free bottle of wine on arrival and a free games room with a fully stocked blu ray library. It is the kind of place that has to be seen to be believed and gets under your skin. I mean that in a good way not the leech getting under the skin kind of way :)

5 stars on TripAdvisor
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