We have friends who travel worldwide quite a bit and describe the best places they have ever seen in terms of the Wow factor. One Wow is great, two Wows fantastic and three Wows, as in Wow, Wow, Wow, truly fantastic. Well hello guys, my wife and I have just discovered our own three Wow spot – and we didn’t have to fly halfway across the planet to find it.

The investment by the owners of this retreat pays dividends. We stayed in one of the Mountain View lodges and, given we had done plenty of research into what we might expect, were still staggered by the attention to detail, luxurious appointments, superb ambience, and THAT view.

A wonderful four days with a super log fire to offset the winter chill, room service meals available if required, a BBQ and full cooking facilities for self-caterers, stunning rainforest walks a few steps away, and an amenities room with hundreds of DVDs to take out.

A super spot.

We will be back.

5 stars on TripAdvisor