On 6 March 2009 I pre-arranged with Yolanda’s work to snap her up from the office one Friday afternoon. Little did she know what I was up to and she thought were just going out for a quick Friday lunch. Minutes later we were on the M1 driving her down to Lamington NP. After checking in, with 180 degrees rainforest views, we walked down to the resort ‘restaurant’ and stumbled across a candle lit table that was hidden in the forest next to a creek. The engagement ring was kept in quite a large wooden box which I struggled hiding from her (and fitting into any of my pockets!). At first she thought we were interfering with someone else’s private “do” but it was then when I went down on my knees and popped the question.

2014 and we are happily married with 2 kids under the age of 3!

Adriaan Le Roux