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A guide to the perfect hiking date at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat

by Sally Perkins of Backpackerverse

According to research conducted by the University of Canberra, outdoor activities can improve relationships by promoting cooperation, compassion, respect, and trust. Hiking can go a long way in helping you build a stronger bond with your romantic interest. At the Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat, there are many hiking trails and natural attractions that provide the ideal environment for romance.

Explore rainforest walks

The Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat is conveniently connected to more than eight kilometres of walking tracks. These tracks will take you through the lush greenery of the rainforest, where you can spend some precious time with your partner away from the rest of the world. The trails are relatively easy to complete, ensuring that you will have enough breath left to enjoy nature and have a great conversation.

Watch glow worms

Glow worms can be found nearby, and they are one of the most popular romantic attractions in the vicinity. A relaxing walk to the site at night and the wonderful display of lights from the glow worms make for the perfect romantic outing.

Enjoy a picnic at the orchard

Just a short walk away, you will find a beautiful orchard that is dotted with fruit trees and surrounded by the lush rainforest. It is a great place for having an intimate picnic for two, basking in the sun, and whiling the day away with your romantic partner.

Be prepared

Good preparation is the key to enjoying a successful hiking date. Take into consideration the duration and time that you'll be setting off. If you are going on a short hike, all you need to bring is some snacks, such as biscuits, nuts, or fruits, and a water bottle. If you are starting the hike late in the morning or early in the afternoon, you may want to pack a light lunch and enjoy a picnic during the hike. Also, make sure you wear the right attire for your hike, including comfortable shoes and breathable athletic clothes.

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat offers many great opportunities for romantic hikes, but it is really up to you to make it a truly wonderful experience for you and your romantic interest. Being fun and spontaneous is the way to having a perfect hiking date.

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Read Sally Perkins' article at BackPackerVerse