All aspects of the Retreat are still functioning

It is wonderful place to stay. All our accommodation is private and separate, and we are lucky to have a lot of open space.

We understand this is a difficult period filled with lots of uncertainty. We are committed to working with our staff and guests to ensure everyone’s safety and to provide a haven.

We are constantly monitoring advice from government, Accommodation Association of Australia & other sources. Please be assured that if the government further restricts travel or other restrictions affect your ability to stay, we will allow flexibility with bookings and cancellations.

The Retreat has undertaken many safety and hygiene initiatives in our housekeeping procedures and within our services, including self-check in.

New health initiatives at the Retreat

So that the Retreat meets government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and to safeguard our guests and staff, we are implementing the following health initiatives:

Self check-in and reception

  • Please note that even though guests can self check-in by driving directly to their accommodation, we encourage you to visit reception so that we can introduce you to the features of the property and how to make the most of them to get the best out of your stay. Please do not hesitate to drop by reception, which is still open from 8.30am to 7pm. We will be happy to help with anything you might need.

Reduced physical contact

  • Physical contact between guests and staff will be reduced wherever possible. Staff have been instructed avoid shaking hands with guests – we will greet you with our smiles instead!

Reduced contact with luggage

  • Staff have been instructed not to touch or handle guest luggage. However we can still assist you with your luggage by transporting it in our buggy on check in and check out.

Housekeeping during your stay

  • To comply with the government’s social distancing rules it is now necessary to limit our housekeeping services. We will no longer be entering the accommodation to change towels or other servicing.
  • If guests require any supplies such as towels, toilet paper, tissues etc. please do not hesitate to contact reception whether in person, by phone (02) 6679 1591 or by email
  • For guests staying longer than 3 nights, on the 4th day we will deliver a service bag to your door. The bag will have all you need to replenish your supplies: fresh towels, sheets etc. Please place your wet towels etc. in empty bag and leave outside your door.

 – The CCRR Team

Dining options

Our full menu is still available for in-house dining, as are our Picnic Packs. Self-catering is a very viable choice as all our accommodation has fully equipped kitchens and the private decks have well-appointed barbecues.

Monitoring your own health

It is respectfully requested that all potential guests follow the advice of the health authorities and refrain from visiting the Retreat if they feel at all unwell. We will be flexible with bookings and cancellations for this and other reasons related to COVID-19.

Thank you for your co-operation. We hope you have a wonderfully relaxing stay at the Retreat. Feel free to contact us for more information.

 – The CCRR Team