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Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat

Our Guestbook 2011

Our guests rave about our Retreat

17 December

Thank you for a beautiful and very relaxing getaway. Numinbah Forest Lodge was amazing and the glow worms were beautiful. Would love to return.

Stuart and Hayley (Numinbah Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

20 December

Ahh... the serenity. To feel like we had the whole retreat to ourselves. So private, so relaxing, so tranquil and perfect for a 10 anniversary celebration. Thanks for having us.

Victoria and John (Pandorea, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

17 December

Thank you for a beautiful and very relaxing getaway. Numinbah Forest Lodge was amazing and the glow worms were beautiful. Would love to return.

Stuart and Hayley (Numinbah Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

7 December

We chose Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat (CCRR) to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! After spending a long time perusing the CCRR website just ogling the sheer beauty of the place, prior to arriving and we were both so excited to visit. The first thing that struck us when arriving was that the website actually shows the place as it is with no fancy camera work just everything you see is everything you get. The greeting we received when we got there was so friendly and helpful and the entire stay was just so rewarding and perfect. We took full advantage of what the property had to offer in the way of nature and also enjoyed all the delicious and generous food packages we'd ordered! The bungalow was spacious, clean and nicely set up. The kitchen was well stocked and the BBQ was very handy. An absolutely wonderful place to stay highly recommended and will be definitely returning for another special occasion.

5 December

Such a beautiful setting, so private and well equipped, we really felt you'd thought of everything. It has been a very special 3rd anniversary, thank you!

Chris and Jenna  (Cedar Lodge, the Luxury Rainforest Lodge)

4 December

What an absolutely magnificent setting and facilities. Great access to activities also. We had a spectacular time. Thank you for the delicious seafood hamper, roses and candles. Leaving refreshed, relaxed, connected and grateful.

Jess and Tash (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

2 December

Second time back at this very special place. The Numinbah Forest Lodge was just superb. We'll be back.

Andrea and Julian (Numinbah Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

27 November

Thank you for such a lovely weekend, the ambience and relaxing atmosphere was great. Looking out at the forest and looking at nature was wonderful.

Geoff and Joy (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

27 November

We have had an amazing honeymoon here at Crystal Creek. The views from Springbrook View Lodge are beautiful. We will definitely be back next year.

Richard and Emma-Jane (Springbrook Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

23 November

What a beautiful place it has surpassed all my wildest expectations. A fabulous escape for our honeymoon. One certainly doesn't go hungry either. The food is fabulousand the views and scenery are amazing. Thank you for making our stay so enjoyable.

Aaron and Renee (Numinbah Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

16 November

We were given a two day package away. It was here, WOW; we had a second honeymoon just enjoying the silence and unbusiness!! Thank you.

Dave and Jane (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

13 November

We had such a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon here at CCRR!! Cedar Lodge far exceeded our expectations and we loved the peace and serenity of the rainforest surroundings. Will definitely be recommending to our family and friends.

Jevita and Brendan  (Cedar Lodge, the Luxury Rainforest Lodge)

5 November

We are now back in the real world following our wedding and our wonderful stay in the glass bungalow. People have been asking us how the how the honeymoon went and the only way we have been able to describe it is "perfect". From the moment we arrived until the time we had to leave we were just in awe of the beauty that surrounded us. It was exactly what we wanted and needed after the busyness of our wedding preparations – privacy, peace, time to unwind and spend time together, natural beauty, great food and fantastic comfort -–it really couldn't have been better. Often when we go on breaks the place doesn't quite live up to the pictures on the website. In your case, our expectations were vastly exceeded. It was a very special time for us that we will we never forget. Thank you for your warmth and wonderful service during our stay. We can't wait to come back!

Claire and Aldo (Satinash, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

4 November

What a truly amazing place. We came to celebrate out 10th anniversary but we'll be back every year now!

John and Sandy (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

30 October

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend; we couldn't have imagined a more picturesque place to spend our first anniversary. Also thank you for helping arrange the surprise proposal! Pete proposed by the rock pools last night and then when we came back to the bungalow it had been beautifully lit by candles, thank you.

Pete and Flick (Pandorea, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

27 October

Looking forward to coming back to "our" cabin once the renovations are completed, especially looking forward to the fireplace. Appreciated the large, quality mugs, not having 'no steal' hangers, Band-Aids, Panadol everything was provided, the discreet but appreciated pink ribbon on the rainforest walks. Loved the very clean windows and mirrors. Loved all the candles, the wonderful bed and bed linen.

Catherine and Leon

23 October

Crystal Creek exceeded all our expectations for a romantic weekend together. We felt that the surroundings provided the perfect location for the celebration for our 10th wedding anniversary. The Kamala bungalow was brilliant and the beautiful views faded into the romantic candle lit settings as the sun set around us. We will always treasure the memories that this short stay has provided. Thank you for providing such an ideal setting.

Melinda and Scott (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

22 October

What an amazing place that exceeded our expectations in every way! The bungalow and scenery were superb! We even had a few visitors, four King Parrots on our patio and a few brush turkeys. The food and relaxation was fantastic as was the staff! Thank you for continuing to make our Honeymoon so memorable!

Dana and Brett (Pandorea, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

21 October

What a beautiful place to spend our 35th wedding anniversary. The Cedar Lodge was fantastic, plunge pool so relaxing.

Denise and Paul  (Cedar Lodge, the Luxury Rainforest Lodge)

7 October

We truly enjoyed our stay, it was exactly the holiday we needed, our only downfall was visiting our friends in Byron, we feel like we should have used all our time here at CCRR. The team are amazing with all my frequent demands. We would love to tell friends and family this is exactly the right environment for the best relaxation holiday ever.

Letitia and Colin (Numinbah Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

5 October

We would like to note that this has been one of the most memorable getaways we have shared together to date. This wouldn't have been possible without the helpful staff and breath taking cabins. Satinash exceeded all of our expectations and were saddened to leave. Crystal Creek will definitely be seeing us again in the near future.

Ondi and Maree (Satinash, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

4 October

You have designed an incredible place. We could not have stayed anywhere else for our Honeymoon. It has been wonderful. The Retreat is so peaceful; it has been a fantastic getaway from the fast paced world! We hope to come back and will definitely recommend CCRR to all our friends and family. Thanks for the stay and the fabulous service.

Matt and Tamar (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

2 October

We had the most amazing tranquil experience. Truly romantic and a perfect place to propose. Would love to come back and continue our journey as Honeymooners.

Charles and Jenny (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

30 September

Our stay was above and beyond what we imagined it to be. The pictures on the internet do not capture the complete

ambiance. It is surreal.

Emma and Ben (Numinbah Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

26 September

This is our second visit and like the first we have felt very relaxed and refreshed after only the first day of being here. This is a beautiful destination and we would recommend it to everyone! We will definitely be back. Thanks again for the lovely experience.

Ryan and Alyssa (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

22 September

So beautifully peaceful. Thanks for a great break.

Mark and Kath (Tamarind, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

21 September

Super relaxing Honeymoon. Perfect place to do nothing and wind down from wedding preparation mayhem. Loved it. Glow worms are worth a look.

Paul and Teresa (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

12 September

What a beautiful place, beautiful setting, beautiful food! Can't wait to come back and stay a bit longer.

Sare and Dan (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

4 September

Thank you for providing us with the most amazing atmosphere and environment for our engagement. The service was exceptional and every detail just perfect. We loved staying here and hope to visit again one day.

Claire and Kyle (Numinbah Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

5 September

We are sad to be leaving! But would love to say thank you to everyone that works here, you have made our honeymoon one that we will never forget. We will be back to spend our anniversary here. We loved having a spa with the candles around on and watching the fireflies. Many thanks. P.S. we loved the dogs, Teddy was so cute.

John and Alisha (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

4 September

Thank you for providing us with the most amazing atmosphere and environment for our engagement! The service was exceptional and every detail just perfect. We loved staying here and hope to visit again one day.

Clair and Kyle (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

26 August

We are sad to leave! We had a beautiful time staying in the Quandong Bungalow. This is a truly magical place. It was very special getting married here.

Rebecca and Ralph (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

21 August

Thanks for a wonderful holiday. Can't fault anything, great staff great service. The lookout was beautiful as well as everything else. We will definitely be back. Thank you for a great weekend.

Zac and Jade (Satinash, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

21 August

We enjoyed every minute of our stay, service was excellent and great staff. Our favourite part of the cabin has to be the bedroom, with that beautiful fireplace! :J Thanks for an amazing weekend! PS. We are now engaged, he proposed in the spa!!! J

Jade and David (Tamarind, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

21 August

Crystal Creek is a dream come true - the perfect retreat. Excellent service and very sad to leave.

Kaushal and Supriya (Pandorea, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

20 August

What a lovely place to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary! We had a lovely 2 days of luxury and relaxation. I wanted to take my husband to somewhere relaxed but luxurious where we didn't have to dress up to go to dinner but still have lovely meals (that I didn't have to cook)and feel like we were in a 5 star resort. The staff were lovely and nothing was too much trouble, the 100 lit candles to have dinner by the night of our Anniversary just topped off a lovely day. Thank you, we will be back. Tamarind was just perfect and very private.

Raeline and Mark (Tamarind, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

18 August

Amazing 10 out of 10 J Absolutely perfect and we will be back. Thank you for the hospitality and lovely meals.

Marisa and Kelvin (Springbrook Lodge, a Luxury Mountain View Lodge)

17 August

Awesome place to spend a surprise 50th, everything was just perfect.

John and Annette  (Cedar Lodge, the Luxury Rainforest Lodge)


A perfect weekend that exceeded our expectations. The attention to details has made this retreat and out from the rest. Loved the hammocks and walking trails, a great combination of relaxation and activity. We will be back!

Andrew (Tamarind, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

6 August

We have just had such an incredible weekend! CCRR has offered us everything we were in need of – privacy, serenity, relaxation, romance and plenty of nature based activities during the day. We took the bikes for a spin and were very happy with their quality and the choice of moderate roads to cycle along. The cabin was amazing! I think we had the best view.

(Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

1 August

Thank you to the lovely staff at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat for making our proposal the most romantic weekend for us. It was definitely a surprise for me. It was the beautiful location and wonderful service that took my breath away. The food was delicious and it was so peaceful and relaxing. It will be a weekend I will never forget. I would recommend it to anyone wanting make their proposal one to remember.

Alicia and Mason

25 July

We had an absolutely wonderful time – everything was fantastic and we are going home feeling very relaxed and refreshed. All the little touches – air con, heaps of fire wood, good bottle of wine, chocolates, dressing gowns, movies, books – were fantastic. The way the food is catered for is magnificent and the quality of the food was wonderful. Now the job is to go back home and lose the extra kilos we've put on. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay.

Catherine and Phil (Booyong, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

5 July

Good morning Mark

I just wanted to send a big thank you from Monique and I. We recently stayed with you at Crystal Creek Retreat celebrating our second anniversary and the experience was absolutely everything we could have hoped for.

I spent a long time perusing your website just ogling the sheer beauty of the place, prior to arriving and we were both so excited to visit. The first thing that struck me when arriving was that the website actually shows the place as it is with no fancy camera work just everything you see is everything you get, Monique and I have on many other occasions going on holidays been disappointed by false advertising, Crystal Creek was a welcomed exception to this.

The greeting we received when we got there was so friendly and helpful and the entire stay was just so rewarding. I have been telling anyone who will listen that they should do themselves a favour and get booked into Crystal Creek straight away.

Thank you so much for making our anniversary an even more special experience and I can assure you we will most definitely be back to take in more of the beauty your property has to offer.

Kindest regards

Karly (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

14 May

Thank you Mark and all the staff here. We feel excited and blessed to have had the opportunity to spend 7 wonderful nights here for our honeymoon. What an awesome way to start our marriage. We enjoyed the rainforest walks, rock hoppers ramble, glow worms, orchard, awesome delicious food and the relaxing rainforest scenery all around us. Hoping we will have a chance to return to this beautiful location again.

Louise and Peter (Booyong, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

8 May

What a beautiful bungalow and surrounds. We had a great time walking along the bush walking tracks. A relaxing way to spend our 6th wedding anniversary. Looking forward to coming back. Thanks heaps.

Rebecca and Tony (Booyong, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

7 May

Wonderful experience, great food, relaxing environment, deliciously comfortable beds … what better way to spend our honeymoon. Thanks so much for your superb Retreat, we will be recommending it to our friends and family and will hopefully get back here someday.

Pat and Ally (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

27 April

Thank you so much for an amazing honeymoon. CCRR is the perfect place to stop and relax. The walks were gorgeous, the hammocks are fantastic and the glow worms are magical.

Matt and Ash (Satinash, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

20 April

Thank you very much for making our honeymoon so special, the memories will last a lifetime.

Tamaris and Norman (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

17 April

There is really nothing that can be said that has not already been covered in these pages. Our time here has been beautifully intimate – a time that has restored us to ourselves. What a bliss it is to stop when life has such a way of catching you up in its chaos. Gratitude. Deep heartfelt gratitude.

Ange and David (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

10 April

Thank you for such a gorgeous weekend – you made my 30th birthday and our engagement the most magnificent moments of our lives.

Luke and Tanzie (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

2 April

Thank you for sharing your lovely Retreat with us. We have enjoyed our honeymoon here. Warm welcome, great hospitality, amazing rainforest etc. Looking forward to our next visit.

Guy and Pirya (Pandorea, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

27 March

Thank you for our wonderful stay here. We have celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and it's been magical. What a wonderful way to start our next 20 years! It is so relaxing and peaceful.

Jodie and Darren (Booyong, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

27 March

What a wonderful find Crystal Creek is to stay at!! We have enjoyed our time here, relaxing, eating, sleeping and being in the rainforest! We have already said we will be back. Thank you.

Dean and Gemma (Pandorea, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

26 March

To our friends at Crystal Creek, thank you for your warm hospitality and for making us feel at home. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend for our one year anniversary. Loved the cabin, glow worms, adventure walks and our tour guide "Teddy" the dog.

Ben and Steph (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

25 March

Crystal Creek retreat, how will I survive the hustle and bustle of the real world now I have discovered and experienced your divine tranquility? I will have to relive the memories over and over with a cup of that delicious Byron Bay coffee you introduced me to. Thank you for such a beautiful honeymoon, we will miss you and hope to catch up again in the future.

Alicia and Gavin (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

24 March

Delicious food, compliments to the chef. Meals were fantastic. Great privacy and luxury at the grand lodge. Staff very friendly and helpful. Perfect honeymoon setting. Exciting wildlife, very relaxing! Enjoyed the Love drink and all the special touches. Will be back.

Justin and Bron  (Cedar Lodge, the Luxury Rainforest Lodge)

23 March

Everything was incredibily romantic and beautiful and perfect. We are sad to leave, but definitely will be back.

Sam and Natalie (Tamarind, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

19 March

Thank you very much to everyone at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat for making our stay an awesome experience. We enjoyed our stay so much that we actually extended & ended up staying twice as long! If you are looking for a peaceful, romantic getaway, look no further, Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat is the place to visit. You will not be disappointed.

Angela & Anthony

6 March

Beautiful place and very calm, romantic and quite extraordinary, be back very soon. Thank you.

Karina and Frazer (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

5 March

We loved the fact that the cabins were as pretty and functional as depicted on your website, it was such a treat to have such luxury.

Denis and Karin (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

22 February

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!!! What a peaceful, beautiful and amazing location … One that we will remember for a long time.

Iram and Rizwan (Satinash, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

12 February

Awesome place to spend our Honeymoon. Pure relaxation. Thanks for sharing this magical spot.

Katherine and Matthew (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

31 January

Fantastic stay. The rainforest was beautiful and the rock pools were amazing.

Luke and Nora (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

30 January

What a magical place! We enjoyed our stay so much that we will be returning in the near future to try out a different bungalow. We stayed in the creekside bungalow and it was so clean, relaxing and cosy. We highly recommend the resort to anyone, of all ages. Such a great place!

Emma and Brendan (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

29 January

Wow! What a truly magical place it is here! Such a beautiful time away … Great to get away from the hustle and bustle. Loved the amazing glowing forest!

Cath and Lukas (Carabeen, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

25 January

Thank you so much for our stay. We will be back again very soon. Waking up to the sounds and magic of the forest took our breaths away and we loved seeing the glow worms. Thanks again.

Billie and Brent (Tamarind, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

23 January

Don't want to leave, so relaxed, well needed rest, love the place, hammocks, walks and accommodation. Fabulous.

Lees and Jeremy (Satinash, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

9 January

A beautiful Birthday weekend. Loved the walks, the spa, the glow worms! The location, fantastic, and the cabin fitted so well.

Marc and Jody (Satinash, a Glass Terrace Bungalow)

9 January

The most perfect place we have been to, it can't get any better than this!

Mosbah and Miriam (Cedar Lodge)

8 January

Thanks for the relaxing stay in Tamarind – Complete with friendly resident possums, very cute. Wonderful to be in such a tranquil environment. Perfect no matter the weather, perhaps even more special when it rains.

Alan and Michelle

8 January

The perfect escape. Absolutely loved having time stand still. Feel very refreshed and connected again with each other. We highly recommend this to everyone looking for a retreat. Well done! We can't wait to come back and try the bungalow with the plunge pool!!!

Adam and Michelle (Kamala, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

8 January

This was exactly the type of break we were looking for and needed. It forced us to stop and reconnect. The superb cabin and rainforest surrounds helped us to achieve this.

Howard (Booyong, a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow)

6 January

Thank you for the fantastic time. We stayed in the Cedar Lodge and enjoyed every second! We can't wait to get back and stay again.

Anthony and Tracy

4 January

We stayed in Quandong to celebrate the New Year and our wedding anniversary. We have had a very relaxing and fantastic time. The Bungalow itself, the food, the surrounds, the service, the massage, the DVD's, CD's and game collection – all fantastic – Thank you

Martin and Keelyn (Quandong, a Creekside Spa Cabin)

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