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Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - generous accomodation
Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - luxury amongst the treetops
Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - gourmet kitchen
Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - nestled amongst the trees
Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - privacy and luxury
Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - bathe serenely with the rainforest on three sides
Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - double spa bath with new floor-to-ceiling rainforest views on three sides
Rainforest Canopy Bungalow - luxury amongst the treetops
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Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat Photo Competition

The winning images taken at the Retreat won a fantastic tropical rainforest holiday!

In the 2014 Photo Competition, entrants could submit up to 3 fantastic images taken at the Retreat during their visits over the last few years. The prize was two nights in a Rainforest Canopy Bungalow with a complimentary bottle of champagne to help you celebrate. The winning image was 'View from Numinbah' by Adam Fry but because there was so little in it we decided to award a runner-up to Rob McIntyre's beautiful rainforest image as well.

Congratulations to Adam and Rob and to our regional winners from each State and Territory. Thank you to everyone who entered and made this competition a success!


Images from
Adam Fry, NSW

I enjoyed the tranquility of the cascades for hours. - Adam Fry I enjoyed the tranquility of the cascades for hours. - Adam Fry The lovely view from the bedroom of Numinbah Lodge waking up in the morning. - Adam Fry


Image by
Rob McIntyre, QLD

by Rob McIintyre, QLD Lookout – by Rob McIntyre


Lisa Dunemann, QLD
(2013 stay)

The creek - Lisa Dunemann The rainforest - Lisa Dunemann View from the Lodge - Lisa Dunemann

Images from
Rachel Alexander, QLD

Simply WOW. The food, the beautiful surrounds and the natural peace of the world is without a doubt a must do on the trip. Book a picnic! - Rachel Alexander The tranquil surrounds of Crystal Creek, where relaxation occurred without a thought. A place to rest and recoup! - Rachel Alexander
What a bed! Snuggled in numerous cushions, with the stunning view out the glass walls ... where else would you rather be ... of course except for the hammocks over the lake! - Rachel Alexander

Images from
Tracie Austin, QLD

On one of the beautiful walks through the rainforest – by Tracie Austin Relaxing over the creek with a good book – by Tracie Austin How we woke up every morning.  My favourite part. – by Tracie Austin

Images from
Belinda Campbell, QLD

Absolute bliss Bridge to paradise Complete serenity

Images from
Josh Chapman, QLD

Image by Josh Chapman Image by Josh Chapman Image by Josh Chapman

Images from
Lisa Dunemann, QLD
(2014 stay)

Images from
Brooke Dunleavy, QLD

Images from
Gavin Irons, QLD

Little stone temple - Gavin Irons Old forest - Gavin Irons Morning light - Gavin Irons

Images from
Damien Johnson, QLD

Above the waters, relaxed and recharged - Damien Johnson Ready for a picnic in the orchard - Damien Johnson Tea by candlelight, perfect after a spa - Damien Johnson

Images from
Wendy Kent, QLD

My hubby with the champagne at brecky!!!  We have too many great photos, but this one made me laugh and for me your wonderful food each day, brecky, packed lunches and dinners were what was really the icing on the cake!!! Every bite was a bite of heaven  and helped to make our 20th Wedding Anniversary  with you truly memorable!!  Thank you again. – Wendy Kent

Images from
Chloe Kirkwood, QLD

Beautiful set up by CCRR followed by a romantic evening dinner - Chloe Kirkwood Gorgeous misty morning, such a relaxing way to start the day - Chloe Kirkwood Waterfalls, moss and peace = absolute bliss - Chloe Kirkwood

Image by
Bern McIntyre, QLD

Hammock – by Bern McIntyre

Images from
Sarah O'Brien, QLD

Images from
Adam Parker, QLD

A scenic shot of the mountain from outside reception Our picnic lingering in the stunning orcharid Our picnic languishing in the stunning orchard

Images from
Vanessa Scaman, QLD

Image by Vanessa Scaman Image by Vanessa Scaman Image by Vanessa Scaman

Images from
Leon Scott, QLD

Fall - Leon Scott Flow - Leon Scott Hello - Leon Scott

Images from
Dean Stibbe, QLD

Simply Awesome Trees – Dean Stibbe Morning Bird Gathering – Dean Stibbe The famous Crystal Creek Bird Flower – Dean Stibbe

Images from
Kylie Stibbe, QLD

Tall trees – Kylie Stibbe The perfect lunch – Kylie Stibbe Cooling off after a lesiurely bushwalk – Kylie Stibbe

Images from
Kirsty Townshend, QLD

Having some luxurious afternoon snacks - Kirsty Townshend This view. Stunning. - Kirsty Townshend The moment my fiancé (now husband) caught his proposal on camera. - Kirsty Townshend

New South Wales

Jason Lorch, NSW

'Waterfalls' - Jason Lorch 'Red Leaf' - Jason Lorch 'Steady Flow' - Jason Lorch

Spa baths rule!
Images from

Katrina Vincent, NSW

Bodybuilding competiton winner - Katrina Vincent Watch me I'm Tarzan - Katrina Vincent The view from top of the very steep hill - priceless - Katrina Vincent

Images from
Bec Churchland, NSW

When I took off the blindfold ... surprise! - Bec Churchland My amazing hubby spoilt me for our 15th wedding anniversary - Bec Churchland Paradise from the tub - Bec Churchland

Images from
Lynn Cooper, NSW

A Feast Ffor The Senses - by Lynn Cooper Floral Funghi - by Lynn Cooper Shadows and Light - by Lynn Cooper

Images from
Kim Creighton, NSW

Image by Kim Creighton Image by Kim Creighton Image by Kim Creighton

Images from
Kylie Fisher, NSW

Image by Kylie Fisher Image by Kylie Fisher Image by Kylie Fisher

Images from
Mac Fisher, NSW

Image by Mac Fisher Image by Mac Fisher Image by Mac Fisher

Images from
Susan Jersky, NSW

Art on the Forest Floor - by Susan Jersky Fresh Tracks and Ancient Trees - Susan Jersky They don't call this place Crystal Creek for nothing! - Susan Jersky

Images from
Sandra La Rocca, NSW

Three days of absolute bliss!! - Sandra La Rocca Three days of absolute bliss!! - Sandra La Rocca Three days of absolute bliss!! - Sandra La Rocca

Images from
Lindsie Long, NSW

Sitting in the middle of the rainforest taking a moment to soak the amazing environment in. My husband Aaron being his natural self as we sit on the porch of our bungalow eating the delicious crumpets, rhubarb spread, cream cheese spread, and the rest of our breakfast galore! Me taking a moment to rest after hiking the rainforest walk for about
an hour, over the absolutely beautiful and peaceful creek.

Images from
Anthony McDonald, NSW

Beautiful from every angle – Anthony McDonald We loved the local wildlife! – Anthony McDonald Relaxing in the hammocks – Anthony McDonald

Images from
Katherine McDonald, NSW

The thoughtful robes and chocolates upon arrival! - Katherine McDonald We wished we didn't have to leave. - Katherine McDonald 
A romantic bath for two. - Katherine McDonald

Images from
Mark McKellar, NSW

Majestic canopy: the majestic view of the rainforest canopy from the overcreek hammock - Mark McKellar Rainforest tunnel: taking a trip back in time with the ancient rainforest walk - Mark McKellar Shower heaven: my wife enjoying the awe inspring view from the outdoor shower - Mark McKellar

Images from
Damien Moretti, NSW

Beautiful bride-to-be having a toast of that yummy Love Juice – by Damien Moretti Mamma and son relaxing with nature – by Damien Moretti Of course she said YES! Look where I proposed! – by Damien Moretti

Images from
Ben Patterson, NSW

Fairies, elves and trolls must be nearby ... Pure, peaceful, serenity in the Crystal Creek Romantic honeymooners mesmerised by the glowing fire

Images from
Tiffany Patterson, NSW

Gourmet indulgence with complete tranquility The colourful art of nature You hold my heart in your hand

Images from
Nikki Shipard-Watson, NSW

Bath time with treetop view  - Nikki Shipard-Watson Love pop-art - Nikki Shipard-Watson Rainforest walk reflection - Nikki Shipard-Watson

Australian Capital Territory

Jacinta Davidson, ACT

Image by Jacinta Davidson Image by Jacinta Davidson Image by Jacinta Davidson

Images from
Deanne Allen, ACT

This is what I get to see when I wake up Tthe beautiful sunrise on the morning we left The mountains look beautiful when it's sunny but they are absolutely stunning when it looks like it is going to rain

Images from
Lisa Fallace, ACT

Relaxing listening to the sounds of the rainforest - by Lisa Fallace Relaxing watching movies from the vast selection at CCRR - by Lisa Fallace A lovely romantic honeymoon location that had it all. Peaceful, beautiful and affordable.


Matt Stuckey, VIC

You can see where the creek gets its name from... - by Matt Stuckey At Crystal Creek, the only thing greater than the service, serenity, and beauty is the size of the trees. - by Matt Stuckey Imagine waking up to this every morning! - by Matt Stuckey

Images from
Estelle Agius, VIC

South Australia

Tracey Mann, SA

'The creek' – Tracey Mann Drove all the way from Adelaide for this slice of heaven … this paradise has a piece of our hearts. – by Tracey Mann 'Rock pool' – Tracey Mann

Images from
Jason Mann, SA

Drove all the way from Adelaide for this slice of heaven … this paradise has a piece of our hearts. – by Jason Mann Drove all the way from Adelaide for this slice of heaven … this paradise has a piece of our hearts. – by Jason Mann Drove all the way from Adelaide for this slice of heaven … this paradise has a piece of our hearts. – by Jason Mann

Images from
Terry Stevens, SA

A place to rest, take it all in and forget the outside world you came from. – Terry Stevens The best Rainforest Wedding car. Thank you for making anything and everything possible. – Terry Stevens The drive into Crystal Creek is like the pathway to heaven. – Terry Stevens

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